350 is a global climate movement that uses online climate-focused campaigns, grassroots projects and actions coordinated by a global network active in over 188 countries. Visit the site to make a personal commitment to reduce your use of fossil fuels and to learn about Fossil Freedom Day and other mass public action events, review featured projects and campaigns, or to start a climate petition in your community.

Climate Works partners with an international network of affiliated organizations—the ClimateWorks Network—to support smart policies in the geographic regions and economic sectors that have the greatest potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Supports energy efficiency and renewable energy through national policies and regional implementation.

Power Shift is a WorldLink Initiative that uses national media and education efforts designed to transform public understanding of the energy issue and encourage constructive social change. View the Power Shift, Energy and Sustainability PBS Special, curriculum guide, and state and community initiatives.

Kanu Hawaii helps people make personal commitments and share stories around building community, local food security, and reducing our dependence on unsustainable energy. Join Kanu’s grow local and energy projects. The Hawaii Energy Study is part of a national effort to help communities implement climate change initiatives. Operated locally in Hawaii by Blue Planet Foundation, Kupu Hawaii, and Kanu, the Hawaii Energy Study has helped thousands of Hawaii families take steps toward a brighter, cleaner energy future.


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