Top 10 Things To Do


Make music with family and friends, sing a song, learn a new song especially one that honors your land, or write a song for a loved one.  E kanikapila kākou!


Kani ka pū at the top of every hour that you have your “lights out”  Teach your keiki to kani ka pū too.  Have you tried a pū ʻohe (bamboo pū)?


Go to the beach to play with your keiki, take a night swim, or just walk along the beach with your loved ones.


Sleep with your family and friends under the stars and teach one another about the various stars used by navigators that are on the Mālama Honua voyage.


Cook with your keiki using a lamp, flashlight, or headlight.  Here we made pizza dough together.


Gather ferns, flowers, nuts, ti-leaves, and other biodiversity that are available in your yard or the ʻāina you are connected to and make lei with your family and friends.

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Learn more about native plants that are not commonly seen today like the native lauaʻe fern called the peʻahi.  Better yet, start a native plant garden with your family and friends.


Pound taro, eat taro, learn more about Hāloa, share recipes that incorporate more traditional foods like kalo (taro).


Learn “Kamaliʻi ʻIke ʻOle” together with your ʻohana.  This is a chant that helps you remember the Hawaiian names of the moon phases.  Found a youtube video that you might enjoy-


Smoke some food for you and your ʻohana.  We love to make smoked heʻe and smoked pork seasoned with paʻakai (Hawaiian salt).  When you’re done you can trade with your friends and start a weekly trading program.

Take the Hōʻā i ka lama Pledge

The pledge: I will turn my attention to the night sky to show my collective support for the Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage, to raise awareness around the global issue of climate change, and encourage simple, conscious efforts to mālama ʻāina (care for the land).


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