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The pledge: I will turn my attention to the night sky to show my collective support for the Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage, to raise awareness around the global issue of climate change, and encourage simple, conscious efforts to mālama ʻāina (care for the land).

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Why a “lights out” event?

According to the recently released report, The Third National Climate Assessment, “The majority of the warming at the global scale over the past 50 years can only be explained by the effects of human influences, especially the emissions from burning fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas) and from deforestation”. [i] “The combustion of fossil fuels to generate electricity is the single source of CO2 emissions in the nation [United States]”.[ii] Completely eliminating (or significantly decreasing) the use of electricity during the Hōʻā i ka lama event is another step forward in curbing our over-dependence on fossil fuels and channeling our human propensity to live, love, and thrive in a world powered by local, renewable energy sources.

What will my family do when the lights are out?

We have lots of ideas, such as going outside and teaching one another about the stars and moon phases, gathering your ʻohana and sending good energy to our navigators on the Mālama Honua voyage, having a moonlit dinner, planning a picnic with your loved ones, planting a garden with the moon cycle, making music, etc. Visit our website to learn what others are planning for the Hōʻā i ka lama event and how this initiative contributes to other LAMA projects, such as the “Lamakū Naʻauao” project funded by the Kresge Foundation to help build the capacity of the Native Hawaiian community to participate in decision-making and plans to adapt Hawaiʻi’s food and energy systems to the impacts of climate change.

What are opportunities to continue taking action after the Hōʻā i ka lama full moon light-out event?

Join our listserv to stay up to date on future light-out events or to receive updates and information on our Kilo Honua curriculum, developed with our community energy, food and traditional knowledge experts around climate change.




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